Professional Development & Mental Health Consulting/Skill Building

In addition to providing Assessment services, Shawna is frequently asked to provide mental health support to children and their families, which she refers to as ‘skill building’ sessions. Aspects of a cognitive behavioural approach are frequently used, and homework tasks and practicing of new skills are often assigned. Here parents and children are engaged in a variety of learning activities and discussions which may be related to understanding the biology of mental health, recognizing feelings, understanding triggers, recognizing how one’s body may be communicating distress, communicating more positively and effectively, healthy coping techniques, learning from mistakes, and self-care.

Professional development workshops for educators and professionals who have a vested interest in learning and mental health are also available and can be tailored to your needs. To date, Shawna has been a frequently requested speaker for teachers taking various continuing education courses (e.g., Special Educucation Pt. 1/2 and Reading Specialist courses offered through various University programs), and has spoken in various settings on topics such as stress management, work-life balance, supporting students with learning disabilities, making the most of Psychoeducational Assessment reports, anxiety, depression, ADHD and executive functioning, and helping children cope with separation and divorce. Shawna has spoken several times on WDCX live radio, and one of her personal and career highlights was being asked to speak at Church on the Beach in Fort Erie during the summer of 2019, the topic of which was ‘overcoming shame’.

Fees for Professional Development, Consulting & Skill Building

Fees are based on an hourly or daily rate, with a reduction in cost for non-profit organizations and charities. Fees will be tailored to meet your organizational needs, taking into consideration travel, number of attendees, prepatory materials, resources, and of course, your budget.