Assessment Information

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

  • If you are concerned about your child’s learning or well-being, a Psychoducational Assessment may help find you some answers and peace of mind. This Assessment is a professional health-regulated, comprehensive service which examines numerous areas of one’s functioning. This evaluation seeks to find out how your child learns and processes information, through conducting a variety of tests which measure various aspects of intelligence, language, phonological processing memory, fine-motor skills, and academic skills; this Assessment can also be very helpful for better understanding social, behavioural, and emotional challenges, which are investigated through the completion of interviews, observations, standardized and informal questionnaires, and projective measures. Please note, the seelction of Assessment tools is tailored to meet your child’s needs, based on your child’s age, reported concerns, preliminary findings, and reason for referral. With clinical supervision in place (as required by the Ontario College of Psychologists), we Assess and may diagnose learning and intellectual disabilities, behaviour disorders such as ADHD, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and Autism. We also conduct intellectual testing in order to determine if a student meets criteria for gifted programming, as well as Assessments to determine eligibilty for various government funding initiatives (e.g., Disability Tax Credit, funding through OSAP, etc.).
  • Comfortable In-Home Assessment Setting
  • Shawna offers Assessment services out of her home office (located in Courtice) or, alternatively, can meet with you at a nearby local library or in your child’s school (permission required from school staff). In the home setting, children often enjoy time to play with a wide variety of toys (yes that includes lots of Lego!), bake some home-made treats to enjoy at break time, and time to walk or suggle up with our newest addition ‘Duke’-our sweet 7 pound teddy bear dog. Beware…he really loves people!
  • Regardless of where the Assessment is conducted, every effort will be made to keep you and your child as comfortable as possible. All information gathered is kept confidential, and secured safely.
  • Timing & Cost
  • At least 2 sessions with students are required for the Assessment, and each session is typically 3 hours or so in duration. Prior to the Assessment, parents or guardians will meet or speak with Shawna directly about their concerns. Informed consent will also be reviewed and obtained prior to the Assessment with parents/guardians. Depending on the child and reason for referral, less or more time may be needed. Once the Assessment is done, all materials will be scored and a comprehensive report will be written and then reviewed with our clinical superivising team; a feedback meeting will then be scheduled with you to help you understand the findings. This feedback meeting is often very helpful for helping school staff better support your child, and may help them create an appropriate IEP based on data; as such, we welcome the opportunity to host this meeting in your child’s school. Please note: findings are never shared with school staff without your permission. From start to finish, our current timeline is approximatey 4 weeks, assuming all questionnaires are promptly returned by teachers and parents.
  • This is a very thorough service which typically involves a total 13-14 hours or so of Psychological Services (inculding scoring, report writing and consulting time), which are not covered by OHIP; fees are based on the OPA suggested hourly rate. As all Assessments are conducted in consultation with/under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist, you will be provided with an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance provider containing this information. If you have private insurance, you may wish to inquire about how much coverage you have for a Registered Psychologist, as you may be eligible for reimbursement. You may also wish to ask when your policy renews each year, which may be important to consider if your annual coverage is limited.